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Which of us has not felt the pressure of rising utility costs, from electricity to water? Sometimes it seems that for every dollar we increase our incomes, utilities go up two. In recent years, this has been especially true. As population, and third-world economies expand, pressure will be increasingly put on ever more scare resources. Utility costs are all about resources.

There are steps each of us can take to save on our purchase of the world's resources distributed to us by  utility companies. Some of those steps involve getting resources at a better price by comparing available electric and natural gas prices offered by competing utility companies. Some of the steps involve ways to reduce our use of energy by taking smart, and often very simple actions.

We can maintain a comfortable lifestyle, while reducing our use of resources at the same time. This site is about saving as much money as we can on our utilities. But it can also be about the responsible use of our planet's God-given limited resources. What an adventure!

  • In the "Your Home" section, we will look at active and passive things we can do to prevent the loss of our utility dollars once they arrive at our homes. We will examine how to save money by installing the proper windows, doors, draperies , blinds, insulation, roofs, and trees. Trees? Yep, and a lot more unusual things we can do to automatically shave down the size of that utility bill.

  • In the "Electricity" section we will look at ways we can make money-saving decisions on purchases of appliances, water heaters, heating and air conditioning systems. We will see that the way we use electrical products may be costing us money.  We will also have a look at the benefits of  shopping for the lowest priced supplier of electricity.

  • In the "Natural Gas" and "Heating Oil" sections we will consider many of the same issues affecting electrical decisions, and will compare the relative value of the specific fuels we select to supply our energy.

  • In the "Water" section, we will look at ways to reduce our water use without sacrificing our quality of life. has been developing for months. But the actual construction of this site was begun on February 11, 2009.

The site will be THE comprehensive site for consumers, showing them the myriad of ways they can save on their utility expense.

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