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Hundreds of ways to keep your energy dollars




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Including Tax Form 5695

(Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit  for improvements made in 2008 tax year)

Final Form 5695  for improvements made in 2009 tax year not yet available. See: Final copy

Attention Advertisers has been developing for months. But the actual construction of this site was begun on February 11, 2009.

The site will be THE comprehensive site for consumers, showing them the myriad of ways they can save on their utility expense.

This column will be available to those wishing to advertise their utility, their product, or their service. Contact us at: to arrange for your ad. The site will be substantially completed within a month, but if you wait until that moment, space may well be taken. This is the time to strike a deal for a bargain ad. We have posted the site early for this purpose.